Monthly archives: January 2013

Jess & Stephen - Orchardleigh House Somerset

This was one of those weddings that leads you on a journey that you would never have expected, but one to cherish forever. From meeting potential clients, to building a friendship.The wedding day itself, was a testiment to their love for each other and their attention to the details of their time together......the morning itself added a slight frost to cover[...]

2013 a year of resolutions

I have been meaning to write this blog since the turn of the year...but for some reason or another I failed to get around to writing it or even posting I'm about to rectify my failings...So with 2012 now firmly way in the past and with so many amazing memories and new friendships made, where do I see myself heading or wanting from 2013?I guess as [...]

Frequently Asked Questions

I know there are many questions you might want to ask, so to help in your planning I have listed a few questions about my photography services below:Describe your style of photography? I am a documentary style of photographer, that means I like to capture the day as it unfolds with the emphasis on capturing the day, love, fun and romance as it happens. I also [...]

Gareth & Hayley - Middlesbrough Military Wedding

This wedding seems so long ago now, it was November and it was over a year ago, well back in 2012 anyway. So Gareth & Hayley finally got married after all the pain of the unknown for the most of 2012.Gareth is a Soldier, a Corporal in the 3rd Battalion The Rifles based up in Edinburgh and recently deployed for a 6 month tour to Afghanistan from April[...]