Monthly archives: February 2013

SAMMIE - Bristol Portrait Photo Shoot

Saturday the 23rd of February 2013 was all about you Sammie, you were the Woman on theStreet and you were amazing.It was the perfect day, the locations we chose for the shoot were amazing, loads of graffiti, colour as you can see from some of the images was brilliant, time spent searching an area is seldom wasted as they say.....The area around the canals/wate[...]

Daniel - Birmingham Portrait Photo Shoot

This photo shoot with Daniel was like one of those days that you wish you could happen over and over again, such was how the day developed.Daniel is my nephew, is a part of my family, is a great lad and is finding his own way in this world. I asked him before xmas if he would consider helping me out with my photography, as in just being a model and let me prac[...]

Hayley & Chantelle - A London Photo Shoot

What a photo shoot and what a weekend on the 2nd of Feb in London......they always say when time flies your having fun. But I always say when time flies, its because your having fun and sharing it. That was this photo shoot and this weekend, happiness shared that flew by.The day started rather slowly, blame the drinks the night before. But we finally lef[...]