Monthly archives: November 2013

Planning Your Wedding Day & Your Photography

I've wanted to write this article for some time now in order to provide you and potential clients with as much information as possible to help with the planning of your big day. Most of my research has come from my own experiences of shooting weddings over the past few years and compiling all of the small mistakes that can sometimes happen, I sometimes see and to offe[...]

Linen Fine Art Wedding Albums

With the onset of Christmas and the Wedding season coming to an end, it was time to put my time into the design of a few wedding albums for my clients and also a chance to update and show of my latest series of Sample Wedding Albums.Back in March of 2013 while running my fingers of many different album suppliers at a photography trade show, I had decided to us[...]

Barcelona 2013

A few images from my recent trip in September to Barcelona. Most of the images are taken on my iPhone 4s apart from the obvious images of the phone. I would have taken more images on my small compact if i had charged the battery (big mistake), so I had to do with my trusty iPhone.Enjoy.Rob Grimes Photography is a Nottingham based photographer specialis[...]

Whats in my Bag - A Nikon Wedding Photographer

This post is not intended to be a way of showing off or anything like that, but it is intended to show to potential clients if they are viewing this that I have invested heavily in the equipment i use and have available to me on their wedding day.So im a Nikon wedding photographer and I have a number of professional bodies that i take with me in the kit bag an[...]