Over the past eight days leading up to the evening of the 8th October 2017 at 6.41pm exactly, I watched a beautiful woman go through so much, to be put through so much also. This was all for the journey of carrying our beautiful daughter from our original prayer to the angles that helped to deliver her to us that evening. I hated most of the time she suffered, but so glad I was able to be by her side to see our daughter take her first breathe of this world and to now start her now journey and chapters in our new life.

So our story, we both wanted a child, we both prayed for a girl, we did everything possible to have a child and our prayers were answered. Time was never an easy journey of the past 9 months, we lived in different countries, had other jobs to consume us, yet the journey of a new born life can never be taken away from you or us. So for all you did for carrying our child, I can never thank you enough, you were simply amazing and so so strong and supportive to me as a first time father. When you called me, I drove 20 hours from Edinburgh Scotland, through England all the way to Dover on the southern coast, booked a ferry that took me two hours and then drove through France, Belgium into Germany to be beside you for this journey. I was not prepared to let you do this alone.

So for 8 days, I was there, we supported each other as she went through being induced, starved, delayed, starved even more, made to wait, being prodded with needles and so on. For 8 days you showed me the true quality of your strength and your true heart of how a mother deals with birth. I witnessed all this and more daily, even when I slept on the hospital floor with your towel as a blanket to be with you. Until the call was made to perform the C Section at 10am, only to be delayed until 6pm that same evening.

But now seeing you and our daughter, I can say the pain and your suffering was all part to this wonderful journey, of us being parents. So for all your pain, for all you have done for the past 9 months, I cannot ever thank you enough, you gave us both the most beautiful daughter in Sophia-Rose and I cannot wait to share her journey with you.

A life made from a purpose, from love, from a dream, from a prayer.

To give us both a purpose, to give us love, to create a dream and to answer our prayers.

Daddy G xxx

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