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So i’ve finally got around to blogging the first of two parts of some images from my recent photo shoot in Paris. For the trip I was joined by the stunning model Holly who was amazing throughout, my good friend and photographer Paul and Dan my nephew who’s help in assisting and helping to set up on the shoot was invaluable as always. The whole trip was so much fun, we had a right laugh, from the night before when we all met at Paul’s house for a few drinks and some video antics which can be seen here: Video, and for the whole 3 days, we all laughed so much.

We had booked ourselves into an apartment 5 mins from the station that the EuroStar train arrives into, which allowed us the freedom to roam Paris and go out and shoot. The following images are of Holly wearing the actual dress of a bride and kindly loaned to us by the fabulous Vikki Tyrrell for the duration of the first days shoot. We managed to get away with being allowed to shoot around the Eiffel Tower even though the security guards kept a careful eye on us at all times, before heading back after the shoot to enjoy a few beers and food in the local areas and we even managed to fit in a trip up to the top of the Eiffel Tower.

The final part of this blog post was shot in the courtyard of the apartment we were staying at, before the mad rush to try our best to catch our train back to London. Overall we had a great 3 days in Paris and the remainder of the images from day 2 will be shown in part 2 of the Paris Photo Shoot.

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