I have been meaning to write this blog since the turn of the year…but for some reason or another I failed to get around to writing it or even posting anything..so I’m about to rectify my failings…

So with 2012 now firmly way in the past and with so many amazing memories and new friendships made, where do I see myself heading or wanting from 2013?

I guess as with a lot of people, we all have the best intention of making these resolutions, but its making sure we keep to them, make them happen and live the dreams that we can make from them, thats what i want to ensure happens in 2013. So i guess that is kind of my new years 2013 resolution, to ensure i keep to the resolutions i make. If all that makes any sense?

I’m not going to make an epic list of intentions, but these are realistic in terms of being able to tick each one off, smile to say “YEAH I did it”, take some images to record that journey and share my adventures with you here on my blog……Sounds simple right?

Ok so here goes;

  1. Take more pictures….I know that sounds lame coming from someone who’s a photographer, but I do sometimes think I should take more images……..so I’m going to try harder……
  2. I shoot weddings and have only recently had a second shooter join me on a wedding…I want to do more of this, offer people the chance to second shoot with me but its also a way of me second shooting with you, again if that makes sense?…and use it also to be an opportunity to see more people within this industry, meet more people, share ideas, exchange shooting at weddings with each other, so if your a fellow wedding photographer and are reading this and want to exchange second shooting, then get in touch…I look forward to it.
  3. Core essentials of a modern business…i guess more behind the scenes of what I do, in order to grow my business and work on my weaknesses, I know what they are and i will conquer them. But i plan on being more brand orientated, more brand aware and all this will include a new and updated, well designed Blog/Website in 2013 to take me to where i want to be.
  4. ‘The Woman on the Street’ I want to do more of this style of shoot….i’ve been inspired by something that just clicked in my head one day, so i want to get out and about in the UK and abroad to shoot some fun stylish, modern, classy, vintage glamour type photo shoots, the list could go on…so I have a few shoots booked already in London, Bristol and two being planned for Brighton and Paris……..so watch this space, Milan and New York your next.
  5. I want to shoot some motion, a short film, so at the moment, I’m looking into what I need in order to make something of my own…wedding/photo shoot related….and also for fun…it will link me to my next intention on my list.
  6. To travel abroad and live a dream this year and make a memory…….I haven’t been away on a holiday since 2010….so i think its time for a break somewhere, I have a few ideas…so here they are. a; Ride a motorbike through Vietnam from Saigon to Halong Bay (like Top Gear did), b; ride a motorbike from San Francisco to San Diego c; Go to Cuba, have a suit made, drink & smoke cigars and dance ‘Salsa’ and let the nights take me away d; go to Laos and Cambodia……..e; i’ve never really done the Beach type holiday, so i might do that one day….ok so if you have ever been to any then leave me some tips/advice below…
  7. And finally to continue to be just me and nothing more…So theres my list, I’m not asking to win a million pounds, lose weight, change the world or become an astronaut…….Nope its just the smaller things in life that can mean so much more…

 Thank you and have a great 2013.


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