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I had a great time shooting this family shoot alongside my good friend and fellow photographer Tracey Christina in London Greenwich Park on the 10th May 2014. I had got to meet Jana and Mark at a wedding last year and we spoke quickly about the possibility of a family shoot in the future, after a few phone calls and a date set, Tracey and myself set of on the train to London to meet up with Jana and mark and the boys Oliver & Sam over coffee and fruit drinks.

After a brief break we were full on in the shoot, trying our best to capture as many images as possible, as we could see the rain and bad weather advancing in the distance. We had fun during the shoot, the boys were amazing and full of life and Jana & Mark also got involved in the antics and we even got photobombed by the local dog and the boys were willing their parents on during their portraits to kiss.

To Jana, Mark, Sam & Oliver, thank you very much for everything and lowing to spend sometime with you all and to capture you some family images.

PS: Hope you enjoy the moving (gif’s) images in the blog post 😉
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