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I had the great pleasure in being asked a while ago to again join the brilliant Aga Tomaszek on yet another photo shoot adventure to the stunning city of Barcelona to meet a young Singapore couple by the names of Linus & LI Ying.

After a short flight to Barcelona and after meeting Linus & LI Ying for a pre shoot brief it was time to enjoy the first night in a relaxed style.

The second day was the photo shoot itself and we was soon into the hustle of bustle of the busy and vibrant life of Barcelona, the shoot took us all over the city and ended in style with some amazing images on the beach at sunset and in the backdrop of the world famous La Sagrada Familia by Gaudi.

The whole day was brilliant, full of laughs and many different taxi journeys, but I hope the images live up to the hype I had placed on myself, oh and the final picture was taken by the clients as we were getting ready for the final shots.

Again for me the pleasure of being able to shoot alongside Aga Tomaszek was a chance not to be missed so I am eternally thankful for the opportunity and yes yet another city ticked off on my list of places to shoot, so thank you Aga.

Right where in the world we going to shoot next?

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