The date:7th Feb 2012.

The location: London UK

The brief: To push yourself so you have a photographers experience of stepping out of your comfort zone when it comes to Street Photography. Follow the instructions to the letter (someone was watching). Do not communicate with anyone else involved. You may not ask permission from anyone to take a shot for you. To be at Liverpool St Station not before 16.30. You must not share your mission with anyone. This message will explode in 5 secs……..

Equipment: Nikon D700, 24-70mm, iPhone 4 and Coffee

Starring: Rob Grimes, Gary Lashmar, Claudia Carter, Cristina Rossi and Chris Gravett.

After a brief chat, meet and greet with the other cast members, and with me looking like something from The Deer Hunter with my floppy hat and sun glasses trying to disguise myself, I received my envelope and told to enjoy and do what it said in the instructions. I had visions of this being something from Mission Impossible/ Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, ‘collect an envelope from Mr Black and follow the instructions, don’t talk to anyone’ I had visions of taking pictures, police chases, secret agents and so on running through my head. So with thoughts of 007, secret agents and anything else I set off on my challenge, followed the list to a tee, and captured the images of how I like to see things and also kind of blogged my way around London by posting images to Instagram {rob_grimes if you want to follow me or go and have a look}. I loved every part of the challenge today, it tested me, challenged me and made me think more about images i want to capture, but with time against me and having to be in places I would never think of going to see, it made my task more interesting and yes I did manage to stop for a coffee and you can see here. 

Picture 1: Take the tube to Marble Arch station. Wait until 14.05hrs and take a picture on the platform. You have 5 mins to take the shot and must include a person in the shot.

Picture 2: Get back on the tube and head to Oxford Circus Station. Leave the station and take a picture from outside Oxford Circus Station. Include proof of the station in the shot. As soon as you have taken the shot return to the underground. Stay on the Oxford Circus Station Central Line platform until 14.35hrs.

Picture 3: At 14.35hrs take the next train Eastbound one stop to Tottenham Court Rd. Exit the train and wait on the platform until 14.50hrs. Take the time to plan and compose the shot you want in your mind. At 14.50hrs wait until the next train pulls into the station at which time you will have 5 mins to take you shot. You must include a person in the images.

Picture 4:{taken on my iPhone 4} No earlier than 14.55hrs- exit the station and head down Charing Cross Rd towards Trafalgar Sq on foot. Take a shot in the square. Not before 15.25 you may leave the square and head for the nearest underground station

You will now break from the five mission images to get your 5 BONUS images (please see images below) However you must remember to be at Liverpool Street Station to get your last shot at 16.30hrs. You should not arrive at the station before 16.30hrs.

Picture 5: {taken on my iPhone 4} after you have taken your 5 bonus images, you will head to Liverpool St Station. Exit the underground and head to the main departures area. You should now head upstairs for a high vantage point and aiming down, take your last photograph.

Bonus Pictures:These images must be taken on the London Underground and on a Tube. Each image must include at least one person. They must not be posed images, instead they will be Street Photography style shots. I don’t care how you get them, I simply want you to push yourself, to be daring and to go for it. You may not ask for permission from anybody to take the shot.

To see more images from todays shoot that were not apart of this challenge, then please visit my Facebook page by following the link;


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