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Well what a year it has been for me, looking back over the past few days as I was compiling this post reminded me of how lucky and privileged it has been to have been asked to be apart of so many peoples lives and to have been able to capture their memories. I have also been able to shoot alongside so many amazing, funny and extremely talented photographers and to name a few, Tracey Barrow, Aga Tomaszek, Lel Hurst, Becky Male, Steve Mannell-Patel and Abi Ellson have helped me learn, laugh, share some personal memories in 2013 and for that I thank them all.

This year has taken me on a great journey, to some amazing locations around the UK and not forgetting the chance to shoot in Paris & Barcelona was another highlight of my year. So for me, 2013 has been a great year, it has been about the little things in life that can mean so much, sharing time with these amazing couples, capturing moments of love and sharing time with friends

So here’s to new beginnings and more stories of love in 2014.

Ashlie & James Wedding 02.03.13 by Rob Grimes & James Wedding 02.03.13 by Rob Grimes Rob Grimes Photography_2910by Rob Grimes Photography_2911Rob & Vicky 23rd March 2013 by Rob Grimes & Vicky 23rd March 2013 by Rob Grimes by 37Rob & Vicky 23rd March 2013 by Rob Grimes Photography Rob Grimes Photography_2906by Rob Grimes Photography_2907by Rob Grimes Photography_2905by Rob Grimes Photography_29082013 by 82013 by 532013 by 92013 by 102013 by 112013 by 122013 by 132013 by 14"The Woman on the Street" the Photo Shoot"The Woman on the Street" the Photo Shoot by 152013 by 162013 by 172013 by 182013 by 202013 by 212013 by 222013 by 24"The Woman on the Street" the shoot 01452 714749"The Woman on the Street" the shoot 01452 714749 Rob Grimes Photography_2821by Rob Grimes Photography_2827"The Man on the Street" the Photo Shoot 01452 714749"The Man on the Street" the Photo Shoot 01452 714749 by 412013 by 422013 by 432013 by 442013 by 452013 by 46by Rob Grimes Photography_2822by Rob Grimes Photography_2823by Rob Grimes Photography_2824by Rob Grimes Photography_28252013 by 472013 by 482013 by 492013 by 502013 by 512013 by 522013 by 542013 by 552013 by 562013 by 572013 by 582013 by 1-122013 by 592013 by 602013 by 612013 by 622013 by 642013 by 652013 by 662013 by 672013 by 252013 by 262013 by 27Ben & Beth By 54Ben & Beth By 56Ben & Beth By 59by Rob Grimes Photography_0916by Rob Grimes Photography_0917by Rob Grimes Photography_0919by Rob Grimes Photography_0920by Rob Grimes Photography_0921by Rob Grimes Photography_0922by Rob Grimes Photography_2831by Rob Grimes Photography_2832by Rob Grimes Photography_2835by Rob Grimes Photography_1764by Rob Grimes Photography_1766by Rob Grimes Photography_2839by Rob Grimes Photography_2840by Rob Grimes Photography_2841by Rob Grimes Photography_2280by Rob Grimes Photography_2281by Rob Grimes Photography_2286by Rob Grimes Photography_2287Faye & Ross LIfestyle Shoot 11.05.13 by Rob Grimes Photography & Ross LIfestyle Shoot 11.05.13 by Rob Grimes Photography & Alex Wedding 16Emily & Alex Wedding 20Emily & Alex Wedding 48by Rob Grimes Photography_2828by Rob Grimes Photography_2830Naomi & Joe By 19Naomi & Joe By 20Naomi & Joe By 26Naomi & Joe By 57by Rob Grimes Photography_1779Paula & Mike 08Rebecca & Antony By 16Rebecca & Antony By 17Rebecca & Antony By 18Rhys & Laura By 37Rhys & Laura By 56by Rob Grimes Photography_2904-EditTony & Kirsty By 5Tony & Kirsty By 9Tony & Kirsty By 13Tony & Kirsty By 53Brighton RocksUrban & Street Photography by & Street Photography by by 68

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