Nina & Robyn 75

I had the pleasure of being asked by Nina the other week if i was available and would be willing to capture her some images of her and her young daughter Robyn. I had never attempted a photo shoot of this sort and although a little nervous, I jumped at the offer and looking back on the two parts of the photo shoot, i’m so glad I said yes.

After speaking about the shoot itself, we decided it was best to split the shoot into two parts, one in their house and grab some relaxed portraits using some off camera flash and then the final part on a sunny sunday afternoon at Birdlip Hill in Gloucester.

I have to admit to loving every second of these two shoots, Robyn is such a stunning young baby and we kind of got on so well (probably the big kid in me) and Nina is such a beautiful young woman that her natural beauty shone through in the images.

To Nina & Robyn, i hope you enjoy your images and thank you again for asking me to capture you some timeless images.

Nina & Robyn 1Nina & Robyn 2Nina & Robyn 3Nina & Robyn 6Nina & Robyn 10Nina & Robyn 11Nina & Robyn 13Nina & Robyn 14Nina & Robyn 16Nina & Robyn 17Nina & Robyn 18Nina & Robyn 26Nina & Robyn 27Nina & Robyn 32Nina & Robyn 36Nina & Robyn 39Nina & Robyn 40Nina & Robyn 44Nina & Robyn 45Nina & Robyn 46Nina & Robyn 48Nina & Robyn 51Nina & Robyn 53Nina & Robyn 54Nina & Robyn 56Nina & Robyn 59Nina & Robyn 63Nina & Robyn 65Nina & Robyn 68Nina & Robyn 69Nina & Robyn 72Nina & Robyn 73Nina & Robyn 74RG-WaterMark-BlackCrownSmallNina & Robyn 76Nina & Robyn 77Nina & Robyn 80Nina & Robyn 82Nina & Robyn 83Nina & Robyn 84Nina & Robyn 86Nina & Robyn 88Nina & Robyn 90Nina & Robyn 92Nina & Robyn 93Nina & Robyn 103Nina & Robyn 107Nina & Robyn 109Nina & Robyn 113Nina & Robyn 115Nina & Robyn 119Nina & Robyn 122Nina & Robyn 124Nina & Robyn 126Nina & Robyn 132Nina & Robyn 133Nina & Robyn 136Nina & Robyn 137Nina & Robyn 141Nina & Robyn 144Nina & Robyn 146Nina & Robyn 147Nina & Robyn 149Nina & Robyn 152

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