Im sat here, with a feeling of deflation and beginning to feel down because the past 24hrs were truly Rock & Roll, in the sense of the word while shooting the recent {Rock your Frock} photo shoot in the backdrop of Birmingham’s grunge and urban areas of Digbeth and the Custard Factory.

Around 3-4 days ago a small band or mercenary photographers were chatting via a new social media called Twitter (Joke), the 3 Musketeers (Rob Grimes, Adrian Jones & the stunning Jay Mountford) were talking of global domination and future photo shoots. After a brief flurry of brainwaves a plan was set, a location chosen and with a date and time firmly in place, the 3 Musketeers were armed with a idea of Rocking our way around Birmingham’s urban areas with a bride, dress and two creative minded photographers, a few lenses, flash guns and graffiti fun….

After a brief chat, led by the amazing Adrian Jones (creative genius) and assisted by the stunning Bride Jay Mountford and with me sipping my latte (I am cosmopolitan you know) still in awe of these two amazing people, the plan was set and before we knew it, it was a case of “Lights, Camera, Action” and few admiring drivers beeping their horns!

I think I could rabbit on and on about what happened from the start to finish, but it Rocked, no in fact we Rocked, the Bride Rocked, Ade Rocked, I was Rocking, Birmingham Rocked and even the Police joined in all the Rock & Roll. I even heard of people in Hong Kong Rocking with the events unfolding in Birmingham. We Rocked that much, we had to go to the pub to celebrate into the midnight hours! So without further ado I give to you Ladies and Gentleman, a big “Yay for Jay” and the {Rock your Frock} photo shoot.

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