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Welcome to the Military wedding of Angela & Simon at the beautiful and stunning location of the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst on the 28th June 2014.

I had got to know Angela & Simon when we met back in 2013 for their pre wedding shoot where we found out that we had a military connection from back in 2009 in Afghanistan, small world hey. The whole day was a touching and memorable day, especially during the bridal preparations when one of Angela’s close friends who couldn’t make the wedding due to serving out in Iraq phoned to pass on her best wishes, the whole room including myself were at the point of tears.

I had a great day and I am thankful for being asked to capture Angela & Simons wedding and the fact that two other couples at their wedding are future clients at wedding this year, so it made for a great day.

To Angela & Simon; I wish you both many years of love together, after spending so much time in your company, you are perfect for each other and I also look forward to years of friendship.

As always my thanks must go to Tracey Christina for joining me on yet another wedding adventure and who’s friendship and ability to capture beautiful images as used below in this blog, means so much also, so thank you.

Angela & Simon 13Angela & Simon 10Angela & Simon 15Angela & Simon 20Angela & Simon 2Angela & Simon 21Angela & Simon 58Angela & Simon 24Angela & Simon 26Angela & Simon 28Angela & Simon 30Angela & Simon 32Angela & Simon 35Angela & Simon 41Angela & Simon 46Angela & Simon 47Angela & Simon 51Angela & Simon 52Angela & Simon 55Angela & Simon 57Angela & Simon 63Angela & Simon 67Angela & Simon 121Angela & Simon 88Angela & Simon 131Angela & Simon 134Angela & Simon 135Angela & Simon 140Angela & Simon 141Angela & Simon 144Angela & Simon 145Angela & Simon 84Angela & Simon 85Angela & Simon 79Angela & Simon 80Angela & Simon 90Angela & Simon 95Angela & Simon 106Angela & Simon 109Angela & Simon 127Angela & Simon 154Angela & Simon 159Angela & Simon 160Angela & Simon 165Angela & Simon 170Angela & Simon 180Angela & Simon 184Angela & Simon 199Angela & Simon 201Angela & Simon 207Angela & Simon 209Angela & Simon 217Angela & Simon 229Angela & Simon 232Angela & Simon 241Angela & Simon 249Angela & Simon 253Angela & Simon 254Angela & Simon 255Angela & Simon 262Angela & Simon 263Angela & Simon 268Angela & Simon 269Angela & Simon 270Angela & Simon 271Angela & Simon 276Angela & Simon 283Angela & Simon 284Angela & Simon 308Angela & Simon 147Angela & Simon 292Angela & Simon 369Angela & Simon 355Angela & Simon 356Angela & Simon 359Angela & Simon 363Angela & Simon 320Angela & Simon 325Angela & Simon 337Angela & Simon 342Angela & Simon 374Angela & Simon 375Angela & Simon 377Angela & Simon 380Angela & Simon 389Angela & Simon 400Angela & Simon 401Angela & Simon 405Angela & Simon 397Angela & Simon 407Angela & Simon 413Angela & Simon 474Angela & Simon 481Angela & Simon 486Angela & Simon 487Angela & Simon 488Angela & Simon 489Angela & Simon 495Angela & Simon 500Angela & Simon 501Angela & Simon 502Angela & Simon 513Angela & Simon 517Angela & Simon 518Angela & Simon 539Angela & Simon 541Angela & Simon 543Angela & Simon 547Angela & Simon 548Angela & Simon 551Angela & Simon 553Angela & Simon 559Angela & Simon 564Angela & Simon 567Angela & Simon 570Angela & Simon 576Angela & Simon 578Angela & Simon 585Angela & Simon 586Angela & Simon 592

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Hair & Makeup: Gemma Needham

Disco: Dancefactors Ltd