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Lavish Design House | Las Vegas Photo Shoot

Whilst recently at the WPPI in Las Vegas 2014 I got the chance to finally meet up with a large number of friends that I had either met or been following on Facebook for a while. During the WPPI event I was kindly invited by two amazingly gifted photographers by the name of Sasha Holloway and Monica Day (seriously go check out their work, totally blows me away each[...]

2014 Las Vegas WPPI | Part Two

So here is the final part of the two part blog post from my 6 day adventure at the WPPI in Las Vegas. Nearly all of these images were taken on the Fuji X-Pro 1 and a few on my iPhone 5s. Enjoy.... To be continued in 2016 at the next WPPI event..... Rob Grimes Photography is a Nottingham based photographer specialising in creative documentary wedding p[...]

2014 Las Vegas WPPI | Part One

When the flyer to the WPPI event in Las Vegas states "The best week of your life", they were not lying, it did indeed turn out to be one of the best weeks of my life... I think i managed 24 hours sleep in the 6 days while i was there, that was partly down to the WPPI being hosted in Las Vegas and well me wanting my time there to be friggin amazing. From day one[...]