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The Rifles Sounding Retreat Horse Guards Parade

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DHn4HIZRzz4 'Swift and Bold' Sounding Retreat is an ancient military custom with its origins in the routine of life in camp, traditionally played to recall soldiers at sundown as the flags were lowered and the gates were closed for the night. Originally played on the drum, ‘Beating Retreat’ was replaced in Light Infantry and Rifle Reg[...]

Carl & Jayne - Oxwich Bay Hotel Wedding

This wedding had extra meaning for me, i have known Carl for a vast amount of time from serving together in the same regiment over many years, from our times in Afghanistan, Iraq, Bosnia, Kosovo and many other places. But the story behind their wedding that made it extra special was the fact that every other time we have met up over the years was to mourn the loss[...]

Ashlie & James - Lochside House Hotel Scotland

My first wedding of the year started off with a little trip to bonnie Scotland on the 2nd March 2013 at the stunning location of the Lochside House Hotel. A massive thank you to Ashlie & James for allowing me to photograph their wedding day and to capture their true love for each other. [...]