This post is not intended to be a way of showing off or anything like that, but it is intended to show to potential clients if they are viewing this that I have invested heavily in the equipment i use and have available to me on their wedding day.

So im a Nikon wedding photographer and I have a number of professional bodies that i take with me in the kit bag and my preferred and current camera of choice is the top of the range professional beast the Nikon D4 along with is smaller friend the Nikon D800. For me together these are a winning combination for what I see as my style, so throughout your wedding day I will use either  of these two cameras. 

When it comes to lenses I bring with me a wide variety of zooms, primes and macros lenses and I guess your probably thinking to yourself, what the hell was that he just said. My first 3 lenses are Nikon and are as follows the  the 17-35mm (Not shown), the 24-70mm and the 70-200mm f 2.8’s. These lenses give me the ability to be versatile during the day and allow me to blend into the background but zoom in and out all day and capture the moments.

I also then use at times of your wedding day a series of Prime lenses, some are Sigma lenses  and some Nikon lenses and as follows, the 35mm, 50mm and 85mm f1.4’s. These lenses are all great portrait and reportage style lenses that give the ability to capture stunning portraits and events in very low light conditions at a number of focal lengths.

I also pack a 105mm macro lens for fine detail shots of wedding rings and table details and you can then see that with this range of photography gear I have the ability to ensure I capture the moments of your wedding in stunning detail.

I also use the leather bridal chestnut Hold Fast Moneymaker strap as seen in the image, this allows me to carry my 2 Nikon cameras all day in comfort and while still looking stylish.

Its an investment I’ve not only made in myself but also you.

Rob Grimes Photography is a Nottingham based photographer specialising in creative documentary wedding photography – documentary style photography that tells the story of your day along with fine art couples portraits using creative lighting techniques. Rob is available to shoot weddings, elopements, couples sessions in Birmingham and throughout the UK, Europe, America and worldwide for destination sessions. 

To book me or enquire then please get in touch, I’d love to hear from you.