Laura & Nick 334

Welcome to the wedding of Laura Garnett & Captain Nick Ross set in the stunning backdrop of many beautiful locations around Bath on the 24th May 2014, the bridal prep started at the Coiffure Salon and then finishing at the stunning Bath Lodge Castle, while the groomsmen all were entertaining me at their home in Warminster.  The ceremony took place at the local church of St Johns in Warminster with the reception taking place at another stunning venue of Wick Farm Bath.

With the day starting with torrential rain, the weather than became kind to the Bride & Groom, as the sun started shining well before the ceremony took place and lasted right into the evening, allowing Laura & Nick the chance to enjoy their day and to capture them some images at the venue of Wick Farm.

I had got to know Nick & Laura, whilst serving with Nick out in Afghanistan in 2012. Over the years we have all started to become friends, and after again meeting them at Rob & Vicky’s recent wedding back in 2013, its become a small reunion when I was asked to capture Laura & Nicks wedding day, even ensuring after the photos had finished, I stayed behind for a quick drink with the wedding party, Laura & Nick, Rob & Vicky and many friends.

To Laura & Nick, I wish you many years of happiness and look forward to seeing you both again very soon and as ever my thanks must go to Tracey Christina for joining me in the fun of shooting this gorgeous wedding, I even managed to get in on the blog post this time with a great selfie during the group shots.

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